Kati Simon is a Los Angeles based production designer, art director, and storyboard artist.  She received a bachelor of fine arts with a concentration in painting, and completed a year of theatre and architecture before starting a three-year assistantship for multi-emmy award winning production designer, Joe Stewart at Shaffner-Stewart Production Design.  In her time there she made models and renderings for over one-hundred and fifty talk shows and award shows in variety television, including the American Music Awards, Miss Universe, SAG Awards, and NFL Awards.

Moving into single camera, she art directed and designed many commercials and music videos, and is now focusing more on features. She art directed The Endless in 2016 and moved on to conceptualize, art direct, and storyboard a feature in post called, The Mortuary Collection. Her first feature as production designer, Vide Noir, is scheduled to come out this year, and most recently, was invited into the Local 800 Art Director’s Guild by art directing the upcoming feature, Synchronic.